Real Birth Workshop


The Real Birth Workshop is a one day birth preparation class for you and your birth partner. It is a positive birth physiology workshop, that focuses on the way your body works in labour. It has been designed to help your understanding about the wonderful way your body works. 

We support all birthing choices and aim to answer your questions about these choices. We promote a positive attitude towards birth and give you the knowledge and the skills to aid your birth preparation.

Our aim is to help you not only see what happens in labour, but why it happens and how.

In addition to the workshop, you will also receive access to our digital online course to refresh yourself and our birth planning booklet.


What's included?

  • Language and the role of media

  • Skin to Skin

  • Optimal/Delayed cord clamping

  • Your placenta

  • Stages of birth

  • Understanding your pelvis

  • Positions of birthing and aids

  • Hormones and the uterus muscle

  • The use of water in birth

  • Massage

  • Breathing techniques

  • The role of a birthing partner

You will also receive a course booklet, including a code to access our digital online course to refresh yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Real Birth Workshop different from other antenatal classes?

The journey that you will be taken on, shows how all your body systems work together and how they support you and your baby during labour and through birth. We help you to understand where you can help nurture your own body and the role that your birthing partner or partners take, to positively support you in labour.

We also look at what happens if things change in labour and how you can still be involved in the decision making so you feel more in control.

We actively encourage birth partners to attend so they too can have a deeper understanding of birth and what it means to be a birth support. Giving you ideas and skills to practice that can have a beneficial effect in labour.

We use evidence-based information and research from across the UK and the wider world, and break it down into understandable language. This deeper understanding can give you and your partner confidence and can help you feel more empowered.

When is the best time to do The Real Birth Workshop?

Most people attend from 20 weeks of pregnancy onwards.
As this positive birth workshop helps you understand more about the mind and body during pregnancy, labour and birth, this can make you feel more confident and relaxed, aiding you to have a more positive pregnancy too. It is never to early to start understanding your choices.

When does the workshop run?

The workshop is available 7 days per week, but it must fit around Sophie's clinical shifts, which change week-to-week.
On booking, you will be able to see available dates for the few weeks. Please get in touch if you have a specific date in mind and wish to check my availability.
The workshop itself lasts around 7 hours and can be done whenever suits you, but I've found 9am to 4pm works best.

How do I take the workshop?

The workshop is online and fully live (no pre-recorded sessions here!).
It is one-to-one and really interactive so we can really tailor it to your preferences.
You will be sent a link prior to the class, and will not need to install any special software/apps to attend.

How much does it cost?

It costs just £99 for the full 1-day workshop, for you and your birth partner.

Who should attend a workshop?

Ideally the birthing person should attend together with their birth partner/s

What area do you cover?

The whole world!
(Although I am most familiar with choices available in the UK under the NHS)