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In these bizarre times of upheaval and change, I believe it is vitally important to continue face-to-face antenatal classes wherever possible. I am happy to give live private classes by video if you prefer, but I feel these do not compare to meeting in person.

Please read the following carefully to ensure you are happy with my plans of how to continue face-to-face antenatal classes in 2020. If you have any requests not covered by this page, please get in touch to discuss this further.


Latest Update

26th September 2020

Birmingham is currently a Tier 2 area (HIGH). The rest of the UK is similarly subject to much change as local lock-downs come and go.

However, across all tiers:

  • healthcare services can continue

  • educational institutes can remain open

Therefore I am still able to attend your private home address to provide Awesome Birth workshops. 

Please read this page carefully before booking, to ensure your home can comply with my Covid precautions. If you would prefer to attend your workshop online, this is of course totally possible.


My Promise To You

I will do the following things to ensure your workshop is as Covid-safe as possible

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Social Distancing

All workshops will be run with full social distancing of 2 metres.

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Hand Washing

I will wash my hands prior to coming to your home. I will use my own hand sanitiser throughout the day.

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I will thoroughly clean all equipment between sessions, and place all materials in a sealed bag for 72 hours prior to each workshop.

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Face Covering

I will arrive to your home wearing a face covering.
I can remove it if you are happy for me to do so, but I will wear it throughout the day if you live in a Tier 3 (VERY HIGH) area.

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No-Touch Policy

I will wear gloves to enter your home and bring all of my own snacks and drinks.
If I use your toilet, I will clean the area with disposable wipes.

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I will provide disposable vinyl gloves for the All About Baby practical workshop, as it is not possible to disinfect the weighted dolls.

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Online Classes

You have the option of doing the workshop completely online, if you prefer, or if you need to self-isolate.

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Test & Trace

I will securely retain your contact details for 21 days following our class, in line with the NHS Test & Trace requirements.


Your Promise To Me

Before making a face-to-face booking, please ensure you are able to agree to all the following requirements

2 metres minimum

Please measure your home to ensure we can social distance throughout the workshop at a minimum of 2 metres.

2 person limit

Workshops are designed for 2 people - 1 pregnant person and 1 birth partner. If you want more than 2 people to attend, please discuss this with me prior to booking.

Enough space

For the Real Birth Workshop, I will need a small area to set up my whiteboard stand. For the All About Baby workshop, we will need space for the practical activities (a dining table, coffee table, the floor, etc).

Covid check

If you have booked a workshop and then develop Covid symptoms, or come into contact with anyone with Covid symptoms, you must let me know straight away.

Please note: If on arriving at your home any of these requirements are not met, your workshop will be subject to cancellation without refund.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if we go back into lockdown?

The decision of whether live classes can go ahead will be guided by government advice on 2 households meeting in private. If you have booked a workshop, and the country or your local area is subsequently put into lockdown (with a rule that 2 households cannot meet indoors) you will have a choice of the following 2 options:

  1. Continue with the booked session, which will be conducted live over video-conference

  2. Cancel the workshop (you will receive a full refund, including deposit)

What happens if I need to self-isolate after booking a workshop?

If you have booked a workshop and subsequently need to self-isolate (whether because you are displaying symptoms or have been exposed to someone else who has tested positive for Covid), you will have 3 choices:

  1. Continue with the booked session, which will be conducted live over video-conference

  2. Re-arrange the workshop for after the self-isolation period

  3. Cancel the workshop (deposit is non-refundable)

What happens if I test positive for Covid shortly after our class?

If you test positive for Covid soon after taking a workshop, please let me know as soon as possible. If NHS Test & Trace contact you, please pass them my details if appropriate.
I will do the same for you, if I test positive for Covid.

Do we need to wear face masks during the class?

The current government advice is that it is best to maintain social distancing as a first priority. Face masks are not required as long as we maintain a minimum 2-metre distance.
I will arrive to your workshop wearing my face mask, and will not remove it until I know you are comfortable for me to do so.
If you would feel more comfortable, I am happy to wear a face mask throughout a workshop.
I will wear a face mask throughout the class if you are in a Tier 3 area, as an extra precaution.

What should I do if my home is not big enough for us to maintain a 2-metre social distance?

If it will not be possible to maintain a minimum of 2 metres social distance in your home, I'm afraid I will be unable to provide you with a face-to-face workshop.
If on arrival at your home I discover that we cannot social distance by at least 2 metres, I will offer the workshop in a live online format. If you decline this option, I will have to cancel the class (this is non-refundable).
Please make sure you have measured your room prior to a class, to avoid disappointments.

How many people can attend a workshop?

The workshop is ideal for 2 people to attend, and it is recommended to attend with your birth partner.
It will not be possible for more than 2 people to attend a workshop.
Your birth partner should come from the same support bubble as you.

I am still uncomfortable with the idea of meeting in person - can i attend a workshop online?

Absolutely! If you would prefer that I do not come to your home, please book a workshop as normal, and specify that you would like to attend online.

Your class will still be a private 1-2-1 workshop, and will be live and interactive.
I use Jitsi for video-conferencing and will send you a link prior to the class. You will not need to install any software or apps to attend.